Print is imminent

It's been a busy summer but the contracts are all signed now. Three things will be coming out for certain:
Cover art, Mind Candy Too
  • My short story "Choice is an Axiom" will appear in Mind Candy Too, an anthology edited by Alvin Mullen and published by Myriad Paradigm LLC, This is a story about two beings who live in a universe of abstract mathematical objects and was largely inspired by a course on set theory I took back as an undergraduate--but it's also about relationships, and how people grow apart.
  • "Bound in a Nutshell" will appear in Finnish, translated by Christine Thorel as "Pähkinäkuorin suljettuna," in Tahtivaeltaja magazine, probably in the August issue (2018/3). This is a hard SF piece about a nuclear reactor accident, set in a remote reach of not-too-distant-future Russia.

    I am still looking for a home for this piece in English, so give me a shout!
  • "There are an Infinite Number of Stories in the Naked City" has gone on something of a journey. It was submitted to Helios Quarterly and the editor there, Olivia Williams, saw potential in it, so she wants 11 more stories set in the same universe and the whole thing will become a 12-part audio drama under the Radiant Crown Audio imprint.

    This is a really exciting project and I'm grateful to Olivia for having this much confidence in someone who's so new. It is also quite a lot of electrons to mill so I will be collaborating with my friend the Finnish short story author Mikko Rauhala. The whole project might also see daylight as print. Lots of possibilities here, including opening it up into a shared universe.
Summer is coming to an end and I haven't done as much original writing as I would have liked to--most of the time has been spent on rewrites. I'm coming back into the new school year refreshed and with a notepad full of ideas though, so the coming season looks really fruitful!

Edmund Schluessel

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