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A new story of mine is out: "Filigree and Ice, Ash and Atoms," in the Fantasticon 2018 program book. To get a copy, you need to be a member of Fantasticon--after the convention I will hunt around for other markets interested in printing it.

The piece is my first exploration into steampunk, but also comments on the genre itself. While I get the appeal of steampunk as an aesthetic, an "alternate past," I think it's closer to fantasy than it is to SF--there's a deep level where much of what's attemped in the genre just doesn't work on a physical basis, and that's the theme I engage with in the story.

Members also get a whole anthology, in both English and Danish, of new Nordic steampunk stories and two more in the program book by guests of honor Jeanette Ng and Lavie Tidhar.

Anyway, check it out, and I'll see you in Denmark!

Edmund Schluessel

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