Mind Candy Too: available now!

Mind Candy Too, on sale now!
My short story "Choice is an Axiom" is available now in the Mind Candy Too anthology! You can buy a paper copy through Amazon here; the eBook version is in the works and I'll link to that when it goes up.

"Choice is an Axiom" is about math. It's about two beings who live in Plato's realm of ideas, beings made of mathematical theorems who grow by exploring the infinite tree of abstract logic.

It's about a couple who have been together forever, but who, in growing as people, grow apart.

My friend Jesse says I've echoed elements of Gnostic Christian cosmogony in it too. I don't know enough about the subject to tell if he's wrong.

My thanks go out to the editor, Alvin Mullen, for his support and for creating places for new authors to get into print. I've read volume 1 of Mind Candy and I was impressed by a lot of the stories in it. Mind Candy Too from everything I hear is even better.

I also have to thank Dr. Dmitriy Morozov from Novosibirsk University. On a year working abroad at my alma mater, George Washington University, he taught me axiomatic set theory and that was the seed for this mythic, meditative story.

This has been an amazing year so far: I'm in print in English and Finnish and I joined the SFWA. I finished a first draft, "The Aeolian Harp," over the weekend, and finished another, "Rapid Transit," so, onwards!

Edmund Schluessel

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