New story out! Again!

And then three come along at once...

Helios Quarterly has just published my long-titled dreamlike short story, "There are an Infinite Number of Stories in the Naked City".

This is an odd one. I wrote it from a single image, a man standing on a balcony in a cityscape that went on forever in every direction, in a single session: on a flight from Miami to St. Thomas for my brother's wedding.

I thought it was just a flight of fancy but Elizabeth O. Smith, the editor there, saw something in it--so much so that she's contracted me to turn it into an anthology series titled Infinity Metropolis. I'm co-writing the first dozen stories with my friend Mikko Rauhala, so watch this space!

I do expect things to settle down a little now--I don't currently have anything in the "accepted, not published yet" pile. But who knows what surprises tomorrow might bring!

Edmund Schluessel

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