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"Last Night" by Gabriel Santin
illustration for "There are an Infinite Number of Stories in the Naked City"
I've been quiet about this until all the details were squared away, but Infinite Metropolis, a twelve-part audio drama written by Mikko Rauhala & me, premiered early this morning. You can read and listen to it here.

What's happening in "Infinite Number of Stories..."? It's a meditation on identity in a big universe. The old chestnut of parallel-universe stories is that if anything that can happen, does happen somewhere in the multiverse, does it really matter what anyone does? I spin this on its head: the pressures of a big reality can collapse all our choices and aspirations to a single point.

The plan is that one episode will come out every month, and the whole thing will be released as a book & e-book by Aurelia Leo in December.

Part one is "There are an Infinite Number of Stories in the Naked City," which debuted as a standalone last year in Helios Quarterly. After I submitted that, the publisher there approached me about expanding the work into a series and I was nervous. I'm glad to be working with Mikko, who's provided four of the upcoming stories in the series.

And what with February being the shortest month, you just have to wait a few weeks for episode two, "The Peter Principle," where we visit the office of a firm with a lot of competition...

Blurb: The Big Apple fell far from the tree. Now adrift in an alternate dimension, New Yorkers cling to sanity in an Escherian maze. Welcome to the Infinite Metropolis; you may never leave. 

Infinite Metropolis is an audio drama written by Finnish authors Edmund Schluessel and Mikko Rauhala with Bralizian illustrator Gabriel Santin. 

Episode One, "There Are an Infinite Number of Stories in the Naked City," debuts January 31, 2019, narrated by James Reynolds and Zelda Knight.

Edmund Schluessel

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