Meet Benny

Big news this week: I can announce a new story of mine, "Shoe Leather," will be appearing in the third The Cockroach Conservatory anthology, The People's Preservatory.

"Shoe Leather" is a weird one: fewer than 500 words long, written in a style that most closely resembles beat poetry. The story started from a drunkenlubricated conversation with Lavie Tidhar at the 2018 Fantasticon in Copenhagen about his story "The Ripe Stuff" and getting short fiction down to its most essential, visceral elements.

Without giving too much away, "Shoe Leather" about someone called Benny, his work day, and his dog. I promise nothing bad happens to the dog.

I'll be giving another one of my popular mathematics talks, this time on the subject of knot theory, at Ytterbium, Eastercon 2019 in London later this month. I need to buy some rope.


Edmund Schluessel

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