A Funeral for Massachusetts

My long-short story "A Funeral for Massachusetts" is out now as a pamphlet! You can get a copy here. I decided to publish this through Amazon KDP because it's the most personal story I've ever written: it's an examination of life where I grew up and it's informed by years of experience going to school in central Massachusetts and then working and teaching in greater Boston.

It's a theme I see coming up in a lot of what I write: cities depend on the countryside not just for food but as an escape, a support network and a refuge, but so much of how we think about cities, especially when we live in them, isolates them. We worship the idea of the city. We have for a long time -- there's no "civilization" without civis -- but in making the city into a god we put aside the god-makers.

So what is "A Funeral for Massachusetts?" Technically, it's eldritch horror. The seed is H. P. Lovecraft's "The Colour out of Space." Under that is the alien-ness of life outside the city to city dwellers, and the inevitability of seeing yourself in that unknown if you look. Alicia Castel Branco tries to be a detached observer, but life in the hinterland pulls her in through the gravitational attraction of the past.

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Edmund Schluessel

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