My Worldcon 2019 schedule

Hey all. I'll be on five items for this year's Worldcon in Dublin:

  • Thursday 15 August 15:30 -- William R. Hamilton and the quaternions Talk, 50 minutes, Odeon 4 The invention of zero and negative and imaginary numbers required not just mathematical but psychological leaps. Irish mathematician William Rowan Hamilton went even further, inventing the ‘quaternions’: numbers which exist as four-dimensional objects. We’ll see how the quaternions aren’t just mathematical trivia but have applications both in relativity and in cutting-edge theories of particle physics.
  • Thursday 15 August 21:00  -- Making the asexual textual Panel, 50 minutes, Wicklow Hall-1
    In the past, many asexual and/or aromantic characters in science fiction and fantasy stories have not been overtly identified this way. Should writers be more explicit in stating asexual and aromantic characters’ identity? How do asexuality and aromanticness shape and change the way characters and their relationships with others are perceived or written?
  • Saturday 17 August 10:00 -- How astronomy might break physics
    Panel, 50 minutes, Wicklow Hall-1
    Astronomy and physics don’t always have an easy relationship, for example regarding the singularity. Panellists consider how astronomy might break physics with phenomena like resolution of the black hole information paradox, time travel, multiverses, and quantum space engines.
  • Saturday 17 August 12:30 -- The mathematics of music
    Panel, 50 minutes, Alhambra
    Music and mathematics have often been associated with each other, whether in the relationship of elements of music to measurements of time and frequency, the notation used in composition, or the use of maths in the composition of music. Is maths a universal language that can cross musical styles?
  • Monday 19 August 12:30 -- Knot TheoryWorkshop, 50 minutes, Odeon 4 
    How do we know if a knot can be untied? How can we tell if two knots are the same? Everyday questions like these launched a new and growing area in discrete mathematics. From the most basic elements – loops of string – we will build up the essential ideas of knot theory and discuss its possible links with modern physics.

    In addition to these, I'm helping organize a Larry Niven fan meetup and I'll also be volunteering at the SFWA presence and the Glasgow 2024 Worldcon bid table. Come say hi!

Edmund Schluessel

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