2020 eligibility

I've been neglecting this blog in favor of my Facebook page but all in all it's been an eventful year, albeit with a shorter list of publications than usual:

Infinite Metropolis, a collection of 12 short stories of which I wrote 8, was published in January (although the stories in it were available in 2019)

"Trumpet Voluntary," a short story, came out in Coppice & Brake. This was an SF-horror story I'm particularly proud of.

And "The Ingenuity of Our Forefathers," a more prurient contribution, was published in October in Erato.

The general situation of the year slowed some things down -- one anthology I got an acceptance in folded before publishing, another is on an indefinite hiatus, a third I haven't heard anything about in months. But there is something I have an acceptance for that will, when it comes out early 2021, have a new story of about 6-7000 words from me in it. Watch this space.


Edmund Schluessel

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