Publication history & writing CV

Fiction publications & upcoming works

  • "The Last Joke" in Strange Wars (upcoming, April 2022)
  • "The Yearning of a Hundred Bloods" in Beyond Ballyhoo: Carnival Themed Speculative Fiction (March 2021)
  • "The Ingenuity of Our Forefathers" in Erato (October 2020) (as Rudy Keyes)
  • "Shoe Leather" in The Cockroach Conservatory vol. 3: The People's Preservatory (upcoming) and in Kuuntakoja (upcoming)
  • "Trumpet Voluntary" in Coppice & Brake2020, Crone Girls Press (March 2020) and as "Trumpettifanfaari" in Tähtivaeltaja 1/2020 (January 2020). 
  • Infinite Metropolis (2020, Aurelia Leo Publishing, with Mikko Rauhala)
  • "Security Theatre" in The Fantasticon 2019 Program Book, Knud Larsen ed. (free to read on Curious Fictions here)
  • "A Funeral for Massachusetts," May 2019
  • "The Cost of Doing Business" in upcoming untitled Polish-language anthology (2020)
  • "Filigree and Ice, Ash and Atoms" in The Fantasticon 2018 Program Book, Knud Larsen ed. (free to read on Curious Fictions here)
  • "Bound in a Nutshell" published in Finnish as "Pähkinänkuoreen suljettuna," in Tähtivaeltaja no. 3/2018 (September 2018)
  • "Choice is an Axiom" in Mind Candy TooAlvin Mullen ed., Myriad Paradigm (free to read on Curious Fictions here)
  • "Dip" in Aphelion Webzine, October 2017.
Non-fiction writing (selected)
Presentations and talks
  • "Essentials of TARDIS Engineering," Worldcon 2020 (CoNZealand)
  • "Shapes of Space: Topology, the Universe, and You," Worldcon 2020 (CoNZealand)
  • "100 Years of the Atom," Fantasticon 2019
  • "Terry Pratchett & Imperialism," Fantasticon 2019
  • "Off the Number Line: William Rowan Hamilton and the Quaternions," Worldcon 2019 (Dublin) "The nerdiest con talk ever" - Gerard van Belle
  • "Knot Theory," Worldcon 2019 (Dublin)
  • "Gazing into the Abyss: the EHT image of a supermassive black hole," Finncon 2019
  • "The Mathetmatics of Black Holes," Replicon: Swecon 2019
  • "Introduction to Knot Theory," Ytterbium: Eastercon 2019 
  • "Brahe-Rømer: The golden age of Danish cosmology," Fantasticon 2018
  • "The Real Science of Steampunk," Fantasticon 2018
  • "Gravitational wave astronomy," Finncon 2018
  • "Non-Euclidean geometry," Swecon 2018
  • "Exotic cosmologies," Worldcon 75 (Helsinki), 2017
Panel appearances
  • Chronology of Calendars, Worldcon 2020 (CoNZealand)
  • The Mathematics of Music, Worldcon 2019 (Dublin) (Moderator)
  • Making the Asexual Textual, Worldcon 2019 (Dublin)
  • How Astronomy Might Break Physics, Worldcon 2019 (Dublin)
  • Suspending Scientific Disbelief, Octocon 2019
  • Automisation and AI – and their influence on us, Replicon; Swecon 2019
  • NEMO - The 2018 Eurocon Report, Fantasticon 2018
  • Professor Robot, Finncon 2018 (moderator)
  • Will We Drown or Will We Bake?, Swecon 2018
  • How Far We'll Go, Octocon 2017
  • Fandom as a Way of Cultural Adaptation, Worldcon 75 (moderator)
Convention responsibilities
Other capacities

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